Me too..Odeo me too…


I just made a post to VLINT about Timothy Greig’s slides on Flickr about MMOs and digital libraries, found via Tame the Web.

I wanted to ask him to expand it in a post for VLINT if he was interested, so I went to his home page. I saw the nice, shiny “record voicemail” button and just had to have one of my own.


It uses Odeo to record. I’d already been playing around with Odeo, but like last time, it didn’t always play back the recorded mesage – even when I gave it time to download. I suspect it keeps timing out, but not indicating this. I don’t really believe it when it says “That totally worked”… but at least it doesn’t also address me as “dude”.

To set up a voicemail option for my blog, I looked under the profile option in my Odeo account, selected the “put this on your site” link next to “Contact me”, and Bob was my uncle..there was some html to add to my contact page.

Now if you click under the contact tab under the banner photo, you have my email address, an option to voicemail me or you can fill in a form.

But, if you want to play too….and I’d love someone to do so…. you can switch on that mike right now and:

Send Me A Message

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