Feb 142007

If you’re thinking of running an emerging technologies project for your library, you may be interested in a screencast I made about a project I designed and facilitated at Murdoch University Library. You can access it at blip.tv – A puppy with a new ball: engaging library staff in social networking tools during the MULTA project.

I made it as course material for the Five Weeks to a Social Library course, which started this week. The course has a wealth of screencasts and podcasts by some people who really know what they are talking about. You can access all the course materials now and watch the 40 paticipants’ blogs grow.

On March 13th, I’ll be live chatting with participants as part of “Selling Social Software @ Your Library” week. I’m looking forward to this bit most of all.


Between June and August 2006, many staff at Murdoch University Library joined in the MULTA (Murdoch University Library Thinking Aloud) project. Using a purpose built site on a tikiwiki Content Management System, they completed readings, tasks and attended workshops to learn about: blogs, wikis, RSS, forums, social tagging and content management systems. An outline is on the CARCIT (Collaborative Action for Reference Competencies and Information Technology) wiki.

The screencast includes snippets of participants talking about what they got out of the project, an outline of what we did, and what we learned about the running this type of project. Some of the points covered are – timing it right, finding support, who should join in, encouraging non-participants, choosing tools and encouraging interaction.

It was made with the older version of Captivate, so what I wanted to do with it, and what actually came out the other end are different, but it gives you a good idea of what MULTA was like.

Enjoy. Feedback welcome.

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