Mar 112007

This is the second time that these photos juxtaposed themselves like this in my friends list on the Ning Library2.0 network. It must mean something?


Connie Crosby and Stephen Abram…both from Canada…has anyone actually seen them in the same room?

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  4 Responses to “Introducing Connie Abram…..”

  1. ROTFL!!! Too funny, Kathryn!

    (oops, I mean Connie)

  2. Hehe..are you trying to tell me that you changed your NING photo a couple of days after that purely by coincidence??

  3. Kathryn, I have seen, in person, both Stephen and Connie…though never in the same city. (Que duh duh duh music)
    Smiles, Shaunna

  4. Aha! …a confirmed sighting of them not in the same room. By someone in the same country no less! I think we have a rumour gelling 🙂

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