Aug 042007

It was great. It was FREE. Lots of people turned up. They liked it. We chatted. We engaged. We all pitched in. Presenters were the best kind of professional – knew their stuff and talked about it without fuss and frill. Feedback was positive.

Despite my nervous nelliness the night before, there were not too many people to fit in the spaces, the biscuits did turn up, I didn’t freeze during the powerpoint karaoke, there were enough pizzas and they were yummy, participants “got” it, there was no mass-confusion and anarchical walkout.

Feedback forms suggested topics for other unconferences, and maybe doing them for specific sectors. Good idea – go for it. After a very slow start and a change of cast we threw this one together in four weeks.

I’m hoping to be part of the Unconference at the Queensland State Library in October, but don’t plan to organise another one soon. I’d like to see another one in Western Australia. I did get the idea that a Libjam would be great. Like Webjam, except every presenter has 3 minutes to tell everyone something great, special or different about what your library is doing.

Look for things tagged Unconfwalib07 if you want to know more. Presentations should be up on the wiki by the end of September.

Here’s a mosaic from the day:

1. Matthias gets the program organised, 2. Making it up as she goes. Con does Power Point Karaoke, 3. Crowd watching PowerPoint Karaoke, 4. Sue. Power Point Karaoke DJ, 5. Finding time to learn about emerging technologies, 6. Lunchtime conversation, 7. Yum. Lunch, 8. Julie and Kate do lunch, 9. Alison and Con, probably talking about pizza, 10. Pizza boxes classified….Full on top, empty below, 11. Julie grabbed my camera and took a photo of me, 12. Glen, Hoi and ? watch Second Life and think about gaming, 13. Sue talks about Twitter, 14. Conference unplanners in action, 15. Lucia and Jenny gave presentations, 16. The view out the window of the State Library, 17. Rossemary and Dan, 18. Pimping the bookcart, 19. A hipper crowd of shushers at the Brass Monkey after the Library Unconference, Perth Western Australia 1, 20. After dark the gadgets came out at the Brass Monkey..

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