Aug 082007

I like this trick. Slidecasting.It’s a quick and easy way to add a soundtrack to a slideshow, all using online tools. I think it’s been available via for about two weeks.

Here’s one I made today, Virtual Libraries, Real Librarians .

If you have an Mp3 file uploaded anywhere public on the web, plus a set of slides on , you can play this game. Today, the State Library of Victoria published a 45 minute mp3 file of my talk, Virtual Libraries, Real Librarians 45 minute mp3 file of my talk, Virtual Libraries, Real Librarians from 23 July. I already had the accompanying PowerPoint slides uploaded to slideshare, so thought I’d give slidecasting a go.

At the page for your slideshare set, select the “edit” icon, then select the “edit slidecast” tab. Insert the URL for the audio file.

You then get a synchronization tool that looks something like this:


You drag the red slider to navigate the audio file, then click on a slide to set the start and end point. Just fiddle around a bit and remember to save as you go.

I found it frustrating that I couldn’t zoom in on the audio track to set the points more precisely. Many of the breaks in the audio aren’t exactly where they should be. I also found the “preview” function showed me my slideshow with the audio file added, but not broken up into sections to match each slide. It was OK once published however.

Two years ago, I would have been charged lots of money for something that didn’t work half as simply, and I would still have had to find my own hosting / publishing solution. It doesn’t show the way I clicked each caption onto the screen as I spoke..but it’s not bad for the price I paid.

By the way, listening back to myself, I’m amazed at how I seem to channel all this random stuff into something logical. It’s like I unzip my mouth and half my brain comes out . I have only a very rough idea of what I’m likely to say and surprise myself often. Like when I was editing and I actually heard myself say

“I’ve got a friend who’s a solar system, so she’ll turn up and be a solar system walking around Second Life – and when she sits on a motorbike, it’s really interesting”.

I’ve not embedded the slidecast into my blog, as some feed readers won’t handle it, and it can slow the page loading time.

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  3. Hi Kathryn,

    Your audio track that you mention on this page was the most popular mp3 file hosted on SLV.VIC.GOV.AU during January 2008!

    Cheers, Richard Hayward.

  4. Hi Richard.
    Sorry to get all juvenile, but that’s so coooool.

    I went to Anne Beamont’s paper at VALA and she mentioned that with the SLV picture collection, many, many hits and links are coming from external sites rather than internal links.

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