Webjam Perth


Great night. Professional, fun, great learning experience, real social networking.

Everyone had 3 minutes to present an idea. Topics were:

  • Self coded email client
  • Co-working space at the Silicon Beach House
  • Self coded photosharing site
  • Selected sites displayed on the mobile web – or why you should write a mobile specific site
  • An SMS information support system to help farmers use water more efficiently
  • How to optimise a site that suddenly gets more than 2 million hits in a couple of days (cache, cache, cache)
  • Using vectors to display True Type fonts on web pages
  • A node linked resume
  • LOLcode
  • Why get a web planner?
  • Web 3.0 – NOT. How to build a badly designed webpage from scratch.
  • How a web hussy uses web tools
  • ICCARUS – Spatial representation of nodes and interlinking in the social networking on Scouta

Voting via sending SMS of the speaker’s number. Cute animation showed the number of votes, but not who for, in the break before the winner was announced. It had the feel of an open mic comedy gig, but without the heckling.

Richard Giles and Simon Wittber from Scouta got the most votes, with their ICCARUS presentation. The video of it is here: Webjam/Perth: ICCARUS . Nick Cowie was second with what was described as “web-sledging” – where he chose the websites of people in the room and showed how they looked on a mobile device. Gary Barber, came third. He felt sick of the Web 2.0 look of his blog, so redesigned it as we watched – complete with non-scrapable text, flashing icons, music playing, tables everywhere etc.

The Co-Pilot filmed the event and will upload the other clips of each presentation to viddler soon.

Here’s what the best dressed were wearing. Mosaic of the geek shirts at Webjam Perth 15 Aug 2007. It’s clearer on flickr.

1. Maybe if this shirt is witty enough someone will finally love me, 2. Do not want!, 3. in case of emergency BREAK DANCE, 4. Webjam, 5. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US, 6. port80, 7. Myles made these, 8. /everybody stand back/ I know regular expressions, 9. Eraser, 10. STFU I M 133t h4x0r, 11. Roses are…, 12. Librarian: The Original Seach Engine

7 thoughts on “Webjam Perth

  1. Awesome post, Kathryn, thanks!

    It was great meeting you guys too, and thanks for all your hard work helping out with the video!

  2. Have to say, you are Princess of Awesomeness! All this stuff posted the same evening, for us poor stuck-at-homes! Thank you, I loved the video, love the geek shirt pictures!

    I’ve tracked down so many Twitter URLs and checked so many pictures I feel like I was actually there. It’s all rather excellent.

    Also – thank you for the link to the LISL video, it inspired me to try downloading SL again but even a fresh install with all new drivers doesn’t work SL bails with video error complaints…

    BTW I know Simon W from his days at Maptek, is funny how I “re-run” into people all the time. Hopefully after one of the next port80 or blogger meetups I’ll be able to say that about a lot more people…

  3. Lachlan. Thanks for developing the concept and bringing it to Perth. It’s amazing how much substance there is in a 3 min presentation when people are forced to cut the waffly bullshit out.

    Teddlesruss. May I please add “Princess of Awesomeness” to a moo card? SL is a pain to run on a non-gaming machine..which makes the demographic in there extremely skewed.

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