Sep 242007

I’m lucky.

I fly to Queensland next month to talk to librarians there. My first stop is the Queensland University Libraries Office of Co-operation all day workshop – Social software and libraries. I attended the first half of a similar workshop in Brisbane last year – it just happened to be on the day after I flew in for a family holiday. I found it a very lively and stimulating event – and the surroundings of the Gardens Point campus of QUT just glorious – they are right next to the Botanic Gardens and opposite Southbank.

On Wednesday October 10th, in the morning I’ll be giving a 20 minute overview of “Second Life, Libraries, Universities and Murdoch University Library”. I’m then taking a 1 hour hands-on workshop in how to use a Second Life avatar in the afternoon, finishing up on a panel discussion with the title “2.0 be or not 2.0 be? “.

The next day, I get to play at the State Library of Queensland Library 2.0 Unconference. A couple of months ago, I was asked whether I would:

… willing to do a 20 minute presentation on the topic of Library 2.0 to get the Unconference participants inspired? This presentation will follow the facilitator’s introduction and give participants an overview of what Library 2.0 is about.

I worked on my presentations all weekend. Last week I wrote a 5000 word paper for the VALA conference in February, which is due in for peer review at the end of the week. I’m working with three other thali members this week to write a paper for VALA about and collaborative blogging.

The only other extra-curricular thing I’ve agreed to do is a presentation for WA TAFE librarians in November about Social Software. Nothing else on the horizon and I think I like it like that.

I’m off on a family holiday next week, then away in Queensland, with a mini-holiday tacked on the end of this. If it gets quiet here, it’s just because I’m throwing my words about elsewhere.

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