Oct 242007

Podcamp Perth is on this weekend. It’s a free community unconference about New Media – podcasting, videocasting, Citizen Journalism, blogging, virtual worlds, social networking, mobile applications, web standards – yummy! You should come too.


125 people are on the registration page of the wiki. Fifty one are women – just under half. And….wait for it….eleven work in libraries – that’s almost ten percent.

The Co-Pilot and I both want to go on Saturday- I’ve prepared a presentation and he’d like to help out by videoing the sessions. We don’t have babysitting, so we’ll experiment with taking the kids. And the wii. Kate is bringing along a projector and some additional controllers. And Lloyd is bringing another console…so the adults don’t push the kids off. If anyone else has a spare large monitor, that would be cool.

We hope it will keep them occupied, otherwise one of us can take them on the train to the museum. They are rather immersed in all this stuff – I helped out at kindy today and Mr5 had to draw things you’d find around a pond. Frogs, rocks, fountain, game of hangman on a table…..wha’? ….then I remembered…that’s what I put next to the pond on the library plot of land in Second Life. Oh dear.



There are 16 sessions so far listed on the wiki. I like the way they are rated according to how complex they are – 101 for basic sessions up to “V” for Veteran sessions that are for experienced users.

Nick Hodge from Microsoft is flying over to present about how the company is using social media. Stilgherrian will be here to talk about how social media is being used in the lead up to the federal election. Duncan Riley is talking about branding and the new media. There are 3 sessions on podcasting with an education flavour, two about Second Life and even a feel good talk about doing what we love.

I’m offering a presentation called “Blog Fodder”- all about how to find things to write on your blog. It’s aimed at the 101 level – no need to even have a blog to get something out of it… (not mentioning any names….). I thought it would be good to add to the mix something n00b friendly.

Sunday is for “birds of a feather” sessions. I’ll be behind the ref desk at work, so I won’t be going to the twitter meetup or the Geeks in the Grass picnic in Kings Park.

The Co-Pilot? He’s being dragged off to yet another five year old’s birthday party. I don’t think they’ll be providing a wii to keep the adults entertained.

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