Dec 092007

Well… it would look something like LibrariansMatter Bloch , the avatar I just created to attend the 2007 Edublog Awards in Second Life.

She’s seen here looking at the station for Librarians Matter at the pavillion created by Jo Kay, who is hosting the awards on Jokaydia. She’s created 85 stations in a building that is a fantastic example of Second Life architecture – created for ease of access and maximum immersion.

LibrarainsMatter Bloch on Jokaydia

And to think that in February I freaked out about the absurd concept of someone creating a Second Life avatar called something like LibrariansMatter DingDong .

I’ll let you know how the Eddies went (if I don’t sleep in and miss them). If you voted for Librarians Matter, thanks for your support.

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  One Response to “What if this blog was a Second Life avatar ?”

  1. I wish I’d seen this post before the edublogs awards – I would have said howdy in-world!

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