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Library 2.0 Initiatives in Academic Libraries is a book that was published by the Association for College and Research Libraries a couple of hours ago. How do I know? I was notified by the editor, Laura Cohen, because I co-authored a chapter in it.

I’m falling-off-my-chair excited!

It’s actually a bit more than a book. Laura negotiated at the start of the project to create a hybrid book / wiki. The wiki component, Library 2.0 Initiatives in Academic Libraries , updates the initiatives described for two years after publication.

Margaret Jones, Jean McKay and I wrote about some initiatives taking place at Murdoch University Library. Our over all theme is that we hadn’t even heard of Library 2.0 until most of them had happened – but our parent institutions’ ethos of multidisciplinary participation, equity and experimentation matched Library 2.0 values. Our chapter is called Chat, Commons and Collaboration: inadvertently Library 2.0 in Western Australia .

The wiki pages for our chapter, Chapter 2, are about 90% complete and choc full of photos, a google map showing the location of our library, a few slidesets and a couple of YouTube clips…plus some “what happened after” text. Thanks to David Free for adding the plugins. You can even subscribe to the RSS feed for changes to the wiki.

If you want to know “what happened before”…pop over to ALA Editions and buy the book. I managed to pick up a copy for the library via Blackwells Collection manager, but the Australian supplier is Inbooks .

The initiatives we discuss are:

  • Learning Common Two floors of the library were totally renovated to capitalize on the library’s status as a central, social environment on campus.
  • Online Librarian Live Online chat reference in collaboration with Macquarie University, evolving over four years to include authentication via Shibboleth.
  • Discovering Your Second life A seminar and workshop series for the University community using the Library’s plot of land within a Multi User Virtual Environment.
  • MULTA Murdoch University Library Thinking Aloud – a two month collaborative learning project designed as a hands-on introduction to new web tools (blogs, wikis, RSS, forums, social tagging) for our library staff, July to August 2006
  • Emerging Technology Group Weekly sessions about new technologies with a hands- on focus, plus experimental project work, aimed at library staff.

Other chapters are:

Chapter 1: Discovering Places to Serve Patrons in the Long Tail

Chapter 2: Chat, Commons, and Collaboration: Inadvertently Library 2.0 in Western Australia

Chapter 3: Yale: Taking the Library to Users in the Online University Environment

Chapter 4: Delivering Targeted Library Resources into a Blackboard Framework

Chapter 5: Adapting an Open Source, Scholarly Web 2.0 System for Findability in Library Collections

Chapter 6: Push and Pull of the OPAC

Chapter 7: UThink: Library Hosted Blogs for a University-Wide Community

Chapter 8: Discussing Student Engagement: An Information Literacy Course Blog

Chapter 9: Building Library 2.0 into Information Literacy: A Case Study

Chapter 10: IMplementing IM @ Reference: The GW Experience

Chapter 11: Taking the Library to Users: Experimenting with Facebook as an Outreach Tool

Chapter 12: YouTube University: Using XML, Web Services, and Online Video Services to Serve University and Library Video Content

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  5 Responses to “Library 2.0 Initiatives in Academic Libraries”

  1. Congrats, Kathryn 🙂 I’ve ordered a copy for our collection!

  2. Goodness, the book and wiki sound amazing.
    I just popped by to say I wasn’t surprised to see your comment on the entry on Sexy LIbrarians over at ReadWriteWeb, Kathryn. You’re walking the talk.
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. Hey – great wiki and book. Congratulations! I’ll be ordering a copy for us in Dubai.

  4. Thanks CW, genevieve and Gill . I’ve ordered the library copy, but when I tried to order my own copy from the Australian distributor it looked like they had closed for Christmas.

    About “walking the talk” . I’m really lucky to be allowed to walk the talk by some people with foresight, further up the chain of command , providing space for me to do it at my library. It’s a case of good fit between worker and workplace.

  5. Congrats Kathryn, that’s awesome. I’m going to be chasing up a copy as well. Yet another feather in an already overflowing (yet colourful and stylish) cap! Well done!

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