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Have a look at these video clips on – little digital stories about learning created by a group South Australian librarians – ednaworkshops08 . They were created on 26th February at the West Torrens Library Service in a workshop with Kerry Johnson from Education Network Australia. ( ).This government funded network is billed as “Australia’s leading online resource collection and collaborative network for the education and training community”. If you want to know more about them and cool e-learning tools, you can attend one of their day long roadshows that are visiting each capital city in the next few months, starting in Perth on 28th March.

Kerry said that the librarians were so engaged and excited that they didn’t even want to break for food. How many times do you hear that said about your workday?

The librarians worked with the same set of Flickr photos and Microsoft Photostory. What I like about the clips is how clear the individual voices are. It is very easy to tell Sandra from Josh H. Imagine how engaged our users would feel, and how human the library would sound, if we were telling our stories about our libraries in this way – yes even about how to use the catalogue….

I’ve been running a similar workshop at MPOW – using a voice track, a music track and some standard photos. I used Windows MovieMaker to stitch these together, as it comes standard in the Accessories tab of every Windows installation. In a previous workshop, we used Audacity to create a voice track. I had some thumb drives with some backups of a voice track and some of my photos in case people hadn’t finished theirs.

My example movie, Lego librarian can show you things , is here.

Next time I do it, I think I’ll try letting people use captions and titles if they don’t have a voice track made. I can see how much more effective that is.

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  2 Responses to “Librarians creating video clips – speaking in our own voices.”

  1. Hi Kathryn,
    This Blog above was a co-llaboration – I only came in on the last 2 weeks to help – esp with server access, so we could mount the podcast – so it was online in the blog- used in a class assignment.
    My question relates to how you set up using Audacity, thumb drives etc for podcasting – better than creating from scratch – Carley & I have to takes a couple of 1 hour sessions on podcasting next week.
    Hva you a bit more detail esp on the podcasting lesson?
    Regards a Librarian deperately seeking media literacy- Ralph

  2. Hi Ralph,

    It’s actually quite straightforward creating an audiofile using Audacity. If you have a look at the resources below I think you’ll be fine:

    Have you seen this post of mine about how to create an audio file using Audacity ?

    The material by Sue Waters mentioned in that post is excellent and very comprehensive. You may also want to check out: Michael Coghlan’s Podcasting workshop notes.

    You might want to consider uploading to somewhere like or .

    Good luck.

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