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OK, so this keyboard is steampunk :

Steampunk keyboard mod

And so is this dalek:

Steampunk Dalek – colour render


And on 25 May 2008, Jim Groom coined the term “Edupunk” in his post The Glass Bees . He’s continued to define it and the self-identified edupunkosphere has been buzzing to join in. Today, my friend Wikipedia has the following to say… although being a neologism, the inclusion of it at all is being contested.

Edupunk is an ideology referring to educators and education strategies with a do it yourself (DIY) spirit. Most instructional uses of blogs, wikis, various mashups, and podcasting among many other uses of emerging technologies might be described as DIY education or Edupunk. The term was first used on May 25, 2008 by Jim Groom in his blog, [1] and covered less than a week later in the Chronicle of Higher Education[2].

Examples of Edupunk are Legos, Edusim, chalk, Hypercard, Moodle, use of the Bliki (blog and wiki mashups), students’ art work on the outside wall of the classroom, and students teaching their teachers how to use technology.

Edupunk is also a rejection of efforts by government and corporate interests in using emerging technologies to exercise control over education, its processes, and its stakeholders, somewhat similar to punk ideologies. There is also an element of resistance to large and influential education businesses like Blackboard cooping emerging, collaborative, DIY technologies and techniques and repackaging them as their own product.



Does that mean that these actions *might* be an example of what we could, if we wanted to join the hysteria, call “Libpunk” ? Librarians using non-proprietary products and groupings not based on institutional alliances to practice their craft and communicate their practice? Open, collaborative enterprises based on not making money, but often on increasing social capital or extending knowledge?


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  23 Responses to “Steampunk, Edupunk and… Libpunk ??”

  1. You are so libpunk!

    I love it!!!

  2. Great intro & roundup. I like the Libpunk designation and it seems that it might be the logical derivative/progression/sub genre/corollary (or however you feel might best describe it) to what we’ve been calling Library 2.0. Seems to be some overlap in the concepts, but different in that it includes the underlying rejection of control and hierarchical organization.

    I think “edupunk” has the cooler sound simply because of the “ed -you”. LISpunk or Infopunk might be synonyms.

    Information and technical eVolution is the coolness…

  3. If you haven’t already done so check out librarything for libraries. Ordinary common or garden librarything is at http://www.librarything.com and you can get to librarything for libraries by adding /forlibraries/ . It sounds similar to the sopac, although it is still being developed (it is in use at 50 libraries worldwide) and there are a few features we are waiting for before we get it for our library.

    P.S. Do you librarything?

  4. Proud to be in the initial round-up of all things libpunk! I want a t-shirt.

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  6. I’m with Greg! Proud to have Library Garden designated as Libpunk and definitely wanting the t-shirt.

  7. Well, damn. Now I have an EXCUSE to dye my hair bright blue!

  8. Well, Dorothea just answered the question about what to put on the t-shirt – a picture of her with bright blue hair of course!

  9. My parents and their friends started up their OWN SCHOOL, as a reaction against ‘the system’, back in the ’70s.
    How Edupunk is that..

  10. These are great examples. Certainly edupunk, and I guess libpunk as well.

    Especially Scriblio, which is just brilliant.

  11. Hey, I like this, always liked steampunk…would watch crappy movies (like “Wild wild West) to see what gadgets they could come up with.

    Like the Idea of LibPunk, i.e. moving forward in a different way…also want the ‘T’ shirt.

    Visited with JJ Drinkwater…

    thanks for the interesting links

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  21. Love the article and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your tweets at the Library Futures conference!

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