Sep 042008

I’m doing quite a few presentations in the next couple of months and travelling about. Please feel free to come up and say hi if our paths cross at one of the places below.

This post is also an advanced apology to anyone who emails me and doesn’t get a speedy reply in the next little while, or who I walk straight past with a glazed look on my face when I should stop and chat. 

9 September 2008 …but I don’t have time and THEY don’t get it. Finding reasons and time to learn about emerging technologies” Presentation for  Collections and the Web Perth. Seminar presented by Collections Australia Network Scitech, Perth. 

10 September 2008 Session for Junior School Teacher Librarians in Independent Schools at All Saints College, Perth. I’m bringing along my XO laptop and we’ll probably end up with hands on the library PCs to make wikis. 

17 September 2008 The Art of Exploring Second Life: creating an avatar and exploring libraries . Half day workshop, Murdoch University Perth. Satellite event to the Art of Information Australian Law Librarians Association Conference

18 September 2008 Beyond the mooting avatar: lawyers, law librarians and Second Life session for the Art of Information Australian Law Librarians Association Conference, Perth

29 September 2008 – 8 October Holiday with the kids (Yay!)

9 October 2008 Second Life as a platform: art space, social space and real space : Keynote for the Cultural Connections: MySpace is an ArtSpace:ARLIS/ANZ Biennial Conference Brisbane.

16 – 17 October 2008 Just a plain old attendee of the Bridging Worlds 2008 conference in Singapore. Speakers include  Jenny LevineJohn BlybergPeter GodwinBernadette Daly SwansonIvan ChewPatrick Danowski and Cindi Trainor. 

20 October 2008 Launch of our next 23 Things programme at my workplace

22 October 2008 Beyond keyboard and mouse: how evolving access devices are changing education Presentation for Academic Work Matters staff education session at my workplace.

 4 November 2008 1:30pm – 2:15pm Creating a simple scripted object for a Second Life Library – for people without geek superpowers , workshop at Poropitia: Outside the Box conference,  Library & Information Association New Zealand Aotearoa , Auckland, New Zealand 

4 November 2008   4pm – 5pm The library unconference: a new model for better professional communication joint paper with Constance Wiebrands at Poropitia: Outside the Box conference,  Library & Information Association New Zealand Aotearoa , Auckland, New Zealand

I also have to write a peer reviewed paper by 14 October for next year’s Educause here in Perth.


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  4 Responses to “Want to catch up ?”

  1. Whoo-hoo! Can’t wait to finally meet you in person 🙂

  2. What larks! nowhere near me, but have a great time anyway. Well done! (or should that be well ‘about to do’?)

  3. wow! That is a crazy schedule!

    I’m intrigued by the first one, will the slides be up?

  4. Jenny, ditto – look forward to it. I was doing a search on Singapore library conference on Flickr tonight to try to work out what I should be packing.

    Genevieve – thanks for your good wishes, I reckon we’ll catch up again before long.

    Bobbi – self inflicted madness that I shall *not* be repeating 🙂 The slides for the first one are up in a later post: Finding time and reasons to learn about emerging technologies

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