Sep 112008

Yesterday I gave a presentation called “… but I don’t have time, and THEY don’t get it”: finding time and reasons to learn about emerging technologies at Scitech. It was for a seminar called “Collections and the Web“, organised by the very competent Joy Suliman who is doing some great things with providing online access to Australia’s museum, library and gallery resources. Check out the CAN Collections database to see what I mean .

The presenation title comes from the two phrases I hear most when people find out what I do. If they are lukewarm about new technologies, they tell me that they don’t have time to learn about new technologies in their jobs. If they are enthusiastic, they often tell me that “THEY” (their workmates, their organisation) just don’t understand why they should spend time finding out about new web tools.

The presentation covers:

  1. What are emerging technologies ?
  2. Five reasons to learn about them
  3. Compass points to work out where to put your energy
  4. Preparation
  5. Tools
  6. Useful sites
  7. Convincing THEM (Taking it back to your organisation)

If I sound breathless on the audio, it is because I’d spent the morning in bed with a child-borne virus and I was hoping to make my voice last until the end of the presentation.

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  7 Responses to “Finding time and reasons to learn about emerging technologies”

  1. Thank you for this presentation. I wanted to say so on the day but things were a little crowded afterwards. This is exactly the type of knowledge that I have been looking for and it gives me confidence to be a bit more adventurous in my approach to EmTech.

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  4. Bel, that’s got to be one of the best comments I’ve ever received on my blog…it’s really encouraging when people who have been in the audience say stuff like that. Thanks

    Giving people listening a bit of confidence is *just* what I was trying to do…Sometimes when I talk about new tech I worry that I just scare people into paralysis by raving on about all these fantastic tools when they have other priorities (rightly so) 🙂

  5. You are going to love this I don’t have time either! I have to selective about what new web technology that I learn, and I have a very limited window in which to learn it.

  6. I love that you said “Do not try to apply it to work…yet”. I tried out a lot of 2.0ish stuff just for fun at first, and when the natural progression came to me, where I discovered how I could apply these tools to work, it was a very exciting aha! moment. Librarians need to just give it time, and they will see the light.

  7. I also like how you suggest working directly with your users if your coworkers won’t play. What a novel idea! We don’t want to force the technology on staff, but why should that keep those of us who are interested in the technology from providing those services. What a great concept.

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