Nov 062008

I made this little clip of question time in Lawrence Lessig’s keynote at the LIANZA conference. No powerpoints. No fancy fonts. Just plain talking, Lawrence Lessig: literacies, takedowns, trusting google .

The questions were:

1. How are new literacies being affected by copyright laws?

2. What are the likely effects of the takedown provisions in the new New Zealand copyright laws?

3. Do you trust google?

In the last minute of the clip, he has some interesting things to say about librarians’ ethics.

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  One Response to “Video of Lawrence Lessig: new literacies, takedown notices and trusting google”

  1. Yes, yes and yes. He makes sense again. Is there agreement on these subjects by Librarians? Further to his point about Librarians being a belevolent institution on these questions, is there any organised lobby by Librarians to influence contemporary copyright issues?

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