Dec 212008

I don’t quite know *what* to make of this, so I’ll just give you the evidence and you can make the call. Meme or no meme?

1. National Library of Australia staff Christmas party, Thriller  uploaded to YouTube 17 December 2008 by wwwnlagovau

2. Pb Holiday Parade Library Bookcart Thriller  uploaded to YouTube 14 December 2008 by  isidoreus

3. ALA 2008 Book Cart Drill Team: “Thriller” uploaded to YouTube 7 July 2008 by queenamidala18

4. Thriller Library Style  uploaded to YouTube 23 August 2008 by Daveman267

5. Summer Reading promoWorthington Libraries – Just Read It!  uploaded to YouTube 6 May 2008 by

6.  Read It – Michael Jackson Beat It Parody by  uploaded to YouTube 7 January 2008 by  SearchKindly

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  6 Responses to “Michael Jackson Library Video Mashups”

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  3. Meme. Most famous non-library installments are:
    Prison Thriller:
    Wedding Thriller:

  4. This is one of the reasons I love being a librarian.

  5. This is why I want to be a librarian!!

  6. everybody appreciates a well planned wedding… with synchronized dancing of course

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