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I’ve been off installing drupal, tweaking it, adding themes and throwing a few modules at it so I can use it for notes and thoughts as I study this year. I’ll post about it later.

A couple of times I’ve sat down to blog and I have a couple of posts in draft that may never see light of day – “Fake! Will Ern Outlast Susan?” and “Hot Tubs, Kevin Kelly and FOAF”.

I’ll get my blogging mojo back soon, but for now I’m doing an easy blog post and adding my 7c to the Seven Things Meme, since Jude tagged me. Terribly lazily I’m just responding directly to her seven things.

Seven http://flickr.com/photos/platinum/4003281/ Uploaded on January 31, 2005 by {platinum}

Seven Uploaded to Flickr on January 31, 2005 by {platinum}

1. English is my only language. I am in awe of students who come to the reference desk embarrassed about their poor English – they are surviving in another country using a second or third language. No *way* could I do that…but I feel that I might sound all gushy if I say that to them.

2. My first car was yellow Mazda 808. I worked all summer thinning apples in an orchard to pay for half. The other half was raised when I told my parents I was buying a motorbike – and they suddenly wanted to go halves in a car for me.

3. Addictions– chocolate and wifi and if I buy any more, I will have to add sensible but funky shoes to the list.

4. My achivements as a pimply teenagerwere being Head Girl of my High School, getting a bursary to go to a posh private school and scoring 100% in English in my uni matriculation exam in year 12. Girly swot.

5.I like singing by myself. Others prefer it if I sing by myself too.

6. My star sign is Pisces. Well, I thought it was until this site, True Star Sign, totally redefined me last year as an Aquarius.

7. I love getting up early in the morning if I get enough sleep the night before – but my body clock is set to be a definite night owl. My brain really only starts thinking well about 9pm at night – which strangely enough is about the time the kids are in bed for the night.

Tagging.  I will take John Connell’s warning to heart:

I would ask anyone thinking of kicking such a meme off to ponder the effects of the exponential before they start. This meme, for instance, asks each person tagged to tag seven others – what this means is that, assuming the first round involves the single person who starts the ball rolling, and also, for the sake of argument, assuming that each blogger can only be tagged once, after just 5 rounds of the meme, some 2801 bloggers will have been tagged; after 10 rounds, the figure reaches 47,079,208

But then I’ll try seven of my Australian Library Twitter Friends that I haven’t tagged for anything else yet…

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  3. Thanks for tagging me Kathryn!

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