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Two sources of Technology Trends in libraries, both worth reading.

1. Michael Stephens’ Top Ten Trends and Technologies for 2009.

Michael Stephens at Tame the Web has just published his Top Ten Trends and Technologies for 2009.  You can Download a PDF of the post here.

The ten on the list are:

  1. The Ubiquity of the cloud
  2. The Changing Role of IT
  3. The Value of the Commons
  4. The promise of micro-interaction
  5. The Care & Nurturing of the Tribe
  6. The triumph of the portable device
  7. The importance of Personalization
  8. The impact of Localization
  9. The evolution of the Digital Lifestyle
  10. The shift toward Open Thinking

For each trend, he defines what each is and then discusses “what does this mean for libraries?” and “what does this mean for library education?”.

It is a long post that ties together and teases out interplay between many of the posts that caught my eye on library blogs in 2008.

He concludes by adding in Five Related Things We Just Can’t Ignore in Libraries:

  • Privacy: We need to rethink our privacy concerns, offer varying levels of opt-in and educate all of our users about what it means to participate in the networked world where our lifestreams are saved throughout the cloud.
  • The Environment: Saving money is important but also saving resources. As you plan your new buildings and new services, how can we lessen the impact on the world?
  • The Nature of Information: It’s very different than it was 10 years ago. People are finding stuff  ”on the fly” and “just in time.” How can we still play a role?
  • Generation C: Young people are growing up to be creators. Our spaces and policies as well as offerings should appeal to that mindset. Let them create along with you.
  • Telling Our Story Well to Funding Bodies: Tough economic times spell disaster for library funding. Make sure you are telling your story well in various marketing and communication channels. It’s no excuse to say “we don’t have any money to do that” when examples above highlight ways to reach out and engage your users and funders with simple, open tools.

2. LITA’s Top Tech Trends

With ALA Midwinter coming up in the next couple of weeks, the Library and Information Technology Association will again have a panel giving their Top Technology Trends. These are often published beforehand, so keep an eye on the “Top Technology Trends” section of the Library and Information Technology Association Blog.

So far Eric Lease Morgan has published his predictions:

  1. Indexing with Solr/Lucerne works well
  2. Linked data is a new name for the semantic web
  3. Blogging is peaking
  4. Word/tag clouds abound
  5. “Next generation” library catalogues seem to be defined
  6. SRU is becoming more viable (Search/Retrieve via URL)
  7. The pendulum of data ownership is swinging
  8. The Digital Dark Age continues

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