Mar 082009

Oh Hooray. Now Zotero can synchronsise from my laptop PC to my desktop PC to the web. This feature is currently in Beta.

The fact that Zotero was previously limited to just Firefox on one PC was what was stopping me from using it as my major tool to organise and store research citations.

Zotero still automatically extracts bibliographic detail from any page online. It still allows me to save the entire page, article or pdf. It still indexes it for easy retrievability and allows me to tag it and make notes. It still spits out citations in many different formats, and inserts them appropriately in my writing.

I don’t *think* it will write my paper for me yet…

This screencast explains some of the new features: Zotero 1.5 Screencast . This page lists and explains many of the new features: Zotero 1.5 Beta Released: Join Us In The Clouds

I like the (new?) slogan: The web now has a wrangler .

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