Apr 232009

In about an hour I will be giving a presentation at U Game U Learn called “What Kind of Better Than Free is your Library”. I will be recording the audio on my iPhone, so if I get time I will make a slidecast or post the audio on this blog entry.

It is partly based on these posts on my blog about Chris Anderson and Kevin Kelly’s ideas about “free” – What kind of “better than free” is your library service? and
What kind of free is your library service?

Until there is audio, here are the slides:

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  2 Responses to “What kind of “better than free is your library” presentation – U Game U Learn.”

  1. I have just come home from UgameUlearn and after i asked you where to find the presentation online, i just found this here. I thought it very inspiring and quite a new outlook on how a library can evolve and change. ‘Free’ as a concept was very new to me, i am glad that you introduced me to it.
    Have a safe flight home – i know how incredibly long it is (just come back from near Newcastle).

  2. Hi Kathryn, I did a couple of posts about this early last year from a museum perspective that you may find of interest. Both can be found via this link:

    Thanks for all the posts & tweets from your big journey.

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