Kick Ass Superhero Mentors? Oh Yeah.


I love it when people outside libraries see us not as dinosaurs, but share ideas with which I heartily agree.

Today, Kathy Sierra (programmer, game developer and author of my favourite deceased blog, Creating Passionate Users) gave me a glimpse on Twitter:


Reminded again that libraries should be rebranded/repositioned as Centers for Kicking Ass. You leave w/ more ability than you came with.

She elaborated in her next tweet:

Kids want better graphics rez for games, but learning about trees, stars, clouds, bugs… it’s like upgrading the resolution of the WORLD

The thought was keeping already kick-ass librarian Kate Sheehan awake – what should we call ourselves in this case?

I loved Kathy Sierra’s answer:

@itsjustkate there’s always that character in the comic books… the one that mentors and/or supplies the new superheroes.

Judging by their “read” poster, I think this mission is one that the Kalamazoo Public Library has already taken on board, kpl-read-poster-3:

Kick-Ass Superhero Mentors? I think I can live with that vision.

4 thoughts on “Kick Ass Superhero Mentors? Oh Yeah.

  1. awesome! That’s the kind of encouragement you need when you’re feeling down and out about your job at a public library. I think I might follow her tweets now 🙂

    Cheers Kathryn! yay 😀

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