Everything you wanted to know about ebooks in Australia


…well, that was the advertising for the event on Wednesday….

I have updated and very much expanded my presentation about ebooks. This was for a Professional Development session for the Association of Independent Schools in Western Australia at  Hale School.

The slideset, handout and a movie of me delivering it are embedded below.

If you want to find some great practical tips about useful sites and applications from a voracious Australian ebook reader please check out the comment from Clytie on my previous post. She has been incredibly generous with her time by writing a very comprehensive comment that would be and excellent blog post in itself. In answer to your question about ebooks in Australian libraries, Clytie, I recently tried to make a comprehensive list over at librariesinteract.info:
Ebooks for loan in Australian public libraries – who’s doing it?

Topics covered in the presentation are:

  • History
  • Print vs audio vs ebook
  • Reading devices
  • Platforms and software
  • Formats
  • Content
  • Ebooks in libraries
  • Pushing it – ebooks beyond 2D text

Here is the slideset:

Here is the handout (saved as a document at slideshare, which gives it clickable links in the embed below – novel!)

3 thoughts on “Everything you wanted to know about ebooks in Australia

  1. Great overview!

    My only comment is that, for me, the question isn’t so much “Which reader / e-books should I buy?” but rather “How would I implement the roll-out of e-books in a school library? One thing I’ve realised from working in a school environment is that it can be quite an anarchic beast, and if you don’t have a very specific strategy for incorporating an initiative into the curriculum, you can very quickly lose control of it (not to mention accountability for it!).

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