Jun 192012

I love it when the Internet makes me feel clever just because I can follow instructions. I just used the Automator that comes with the Mac. I created a little application to do what Powerpoint could not.

Smug Windows users do not need to read this. Your version of Powerpoint allows you to insert an album of images and instantly have one slide created for each one.

For the Mac, this functionality does not come with Powerpoint.

I decided to use Keynote for the first time when creating my presentation for the State Library of Queensland on Thursday. I used one of the funky fonts that came with Keynote and – of course – when I exported my slideshow to Powerpoint and tried it on someone else’s PC, all the pretty font formatting disappeared. I knew that I would have to do what Kate suggested – export each slide as an image and then import it into a new Powerpoint slideshow.

I *may* have *cough* over 100 *cough* slides, so did not fancy inserting each image one by one.

So – bless the little cotton socks of Stephen Rinsberg who created the PPTTools site. His page about how to BATCH Import Images into PowerPoint page showed me how to open the Automator, add in an “Ask for Finder Items” Variable, then add a “Create PowerPoint Picture Slideshow” , save the thing to my desktop, click to run and SOLVE MY PROBLEM. It did leave a white border around each slide, but since most of my slides had a white background anyhow it does not look bad enough for me to manually adjust each one.

Note to self: Play with the Automator. Find out more about it. It looks fun and powerful.

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  2 Responses to “How to insert multiple images to create a PowerPoint slideshow on the Mac”

  1. Your post has encouraged me to take a look at automator. thanks

  2. FYI, if you want them to have a black background in office 2011, you don’t need to edit each page manually – you can select all the slides, then click on the ‘Theme’ tab, and then select the Black theme.

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