Feb 062013

My co-facilitator of the two “Being Seen and Heard” workshops in Brisbane next week, Molly Tebo, explains how you can join in from home.

When your PLN is buzzing about a conference not being there sucks. You know you’ll be able to follow much of it through Twitter, but it’s not the same as being there in person and getting to meet people and be inspired.

We know it’s not a good time for budgets. Your library might like to send you but won’t pony up and your personal funds won’t stretch that far.

Lucky for you, we want to give you a chance to be a part of our workshops spanning the two conferences. To be seen and heard by other participants. We are making a video and you can be a part without needing to be physically present in Brisbane.

If you are a new librarian, have a think about some questions you might want answered by people who have been in the profession longer than you. It could be anything from “If you were my manager, how could I impress you?” to “What extra skills do you look for when hiring?”. We’re sure you have some burning questions to ask.

You can tweet these questions to us using the hashtag #seenandheard or for bonus points, have a go at filming yourself asking the question (a smartphone will do fine) and tweet us a YouTube link. Keep an eye on the tweets from the account @seenandheardlib. At the end of this post is a widget with all the tweets from the account as they happen.

If you’ve been in the profession a while and would prefer to answer the questions, hang out until Feb 11 and keep an eye on @seenandheardlib for a link to the question video. When we release the video, pick a question and answer it. Once again, you can tweet us an answer using the hashtag #seenandheard or video yourself and send it through.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the #seenandheard hashtag during our sessions on the 10th and 12th of February to get some ideas of what others are asking and for the final video that we’ll be releasing on YouTube later in the week. We’ll also be capturing tweets via storify and posting them to this blog after the sessions.

You can watch the work in progress by checking out our page for the workshops. Movies will be added as they are created.

We hope you can join us virtually and if you ask or answer a question you may find yourself in the video! See you online.




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