Jul 192013

Today I took part in the Australian Library and Information Association’s National Advisory Congress . The theme was The Future of the Profession .

There is a very nice downloadable paper that sets out three future scenarios for public, academic, school and special libraries plus collecting institutions. An short annotated bibliography accompanies the paper. You can download both from the ALIA Futures Wiki .

UPDATE: 7:55pm 19 July: Renee Stokes has a nice summary of the discussion at the forum on her blog, The World is Quiet Here .

UPDATE: 9:09pm 19 July: Hoi Ng muses about Embracing Shambrarians at her blog Water Water Everywhere.

I spoke for 15 minutes at the start. My idea was to spark ideas rather than explain concepts . I wanted to highlight  some areas where I think librarians should be listening and learning. I think that we connect people and information and that there have been great changes in the way that connection occurs and the form that information takes. I wanted to just suggest that we maybe need to pay more attention to these changes and work out how they relate to what we do.

Here is my slideset from today:

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  1. Hi Kathryn, I am an Information Studies student from Charles Sturt University. I have enjoyed your blog for some time now and I was really interested in the ALIA The Future of the Profession Congress. Thanks for the wiki. It has given me lots of to think about. I am an English teacher hoping to work in a public library.

  2. […] (2013). Library futures – taking a punt on 10 things to think about. Librarians matter blog. Retrieved 9th ay, 2014 from: […]

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