Jun 082015

Following Kate’s lead, here is what is happening for me:

I’m reading – Portrait of a Marriage, Harold Nicholson; A Game of Thrones George R R Martin

I’m watching – Mad Men. Waited for it to finish and so now have another 78 of 92 episodes to finish.

I’m cooking – snapper with citrus and ginger in alfoil packages

I’m drinking – Strongbow

I’m thinking – that probably my plan that allowing myself as much chocolate as I want each night after dinner on the principle that I will get sick of it and then I will conquer it as a guilty pleasure and extinguish the behaviour… is simply not going to work that way…

I’m taking – pleasure in the mild sunny days and getting out in the sunshine and walk or run or skate or swim

I’m missing – my kids half the week when they live at their dad’s

I’m enjoying – dance classes

I’m planning – a month without job, kids, cat, house, being a local

I’m listening – to  podcasts while driving- Download this Show, Conversations with Richard Fidler, Desert Island Discs (going back to the 1950s – a treasure trove). 1980’s pop while marking.  Upbeat power songs when running.

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