Jun 152015

Those kinds of posts make me want to RUUUUUUUN.

I usually just want to hear what you have to say about whatever your blog is about, not about the whole blogging process, why you are doing it so much, not enough, less, more or where your blog fits in the cosmology of blogginess…


City Center Reflection, Las Vegas. (n.d.). Retrieved June 14, 2015, from https://www.flickr.com/photos/dawilson/4978421628/

Which is why I am writing this apology post as a precursor to a few posts about just that, blogging… stimulated by many of the discussions that are happening for #blogjune ( particularly some posts from snail, Con and Kate ). Turns out that I had a lot to say, so I am turning it into a series of posts…

Read on over the next week for scintillating meta-bloggy topics such as:

  • What has blogging done for me?
  • Blogging and being a node in conversation
  • Professional blogging and imposter syndrome
  • Collaborative blogging
  • State of the biblio-blogosphere
  • If not blogging, then what?


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