Jun 182016

When people ask me whether they should choose my first name (Kathryn) for their baby, I answer “nope”.

There are so many variant spellings, many as common as each other, that inevitably if someone else writes your first name it will be spelled wrong. Your options are then to:

  1. Correct the spelling and feel like Ms Pedant from Pedantville
  2. Not correct the spelling and feel like you are vaguely deceiving them

Of course, there is 3. “Just get over it”, but it’s not something I have been able to do.

This morning I ordered a latte at my usual Saturday morning place and was served by a young woman who had just started working there. As she took my order she wrote on the top of a lid “Latte +1 Lg Catherine”.

When I received my mug, however, this had been changed to “Latte +1 Lg Kathryn” (spelled the way I spell my name). I wondered aloud whether the barista had changed it. (As far as I knew, I had always taken approach number 2 in this coffee shop …)

Nope – the woman behind the counter had. But, how had she known? She said that she had seen the way my name was spelled on my credit card and then made the change before handing the lid on to the barista.

A small act of empathy than really went a long way toward putting an upward kick into my morning 🙂


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  4 Responses to “Stellar service to a K(C)ath(e)(a)r(ine)(yn)”

  1. One of the joys of coffee shops is that you can try out any name you like. They don’t really care. Feel like being a Calpurnia, Bartholomew or Constantina – this is the place to give it a go.

  2. My kids regularly want to be “Darth Vadar”. One of the places we go seems not to mind this, but I always feel sorry for whoever is taking the order…

  3. One of my colleagues named Lynelle had her name spelt Lenel by the young guy at our regular coffee shop last week. Okay for a laugh once but I can see it becoming annoying quickly. Even adding a second a to my name annoys me sometimes.

  4. That’s really good customer service 🙂

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