Jun 222016

.. but sick in bed today. Just a cold and asthma, but have not slept well for 3 days or so, so am taking the morning off work to snuggle under the covers and listen to the rain outside and try to catch up on sleep. (Also gives my workmates respite from the continuous coughing coming from my office…)

This is a bit like the email that says “Thanks, I got your email”…

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  6 Responses to “Still blogjuneing …”

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Thanks Kate. Been sleeping like I am training for the Sleep Olympics, so hopefully better by tomorrow.

  3. Feel better soon, Kate. Germs seem to be spreading throughout the #blogjune hashtag. 😛

  4. Am in awe of your blogjune effort

  5. Oops, I really hope your did not catch my (or is that Riley’s bug) while in SA. I am still coughing by the way. I think my colleagues are all ready to kick me out the office.

  6. I feared so too, Charmaine, but I am pretty sure not. Just something that suddenly crept up on me within half an hour, made me want to snuffle and sleep for three days and then tailed itself off quite gracefully and quietly…. although one and a half weeks later today is really the first day I feel back to being myself with my usual energy. Someone else at my workplace had similar, so I think it was local. Which is really quite lucky because you and Riley were both having a very bad time of it 🙁 Hope you are both recovered well now though.

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