Jun 242016

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

Just as I FINALLY finished editing one unit outline, ready to copy it to its Open University version, I saw THIS when I saved:


Like an optimistic fool, I phoned the IT helpdesk number on the right of the screen in the hope they could help. The helpful message on the phone (at 6:30pm) told me helpfully that the help desk is closed but is open until 9pm every weeknight. Last time I looked Friday was a week night.

And meanwhile, over in Europe the UK has decided to exit the European Union, causing the Australian dollar to keel over – and for some reason a German court has decided that there is a new kind of copyright “we have the physical copy of a painting in the public domain, so you can’t publish a photo of it” (even if you are the Wikimedia Foundation).

The world was a bit friendlier before bedtime last night. I think I will see whether calling it a day and going to sleep makes a nicer world to wake up to…

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