Jun 262016

Now THIS is a case for crowdsourcing (and crowdpersuading if that is a word).

The most useful, versatile and FREE WordPress theme I have ever used has been discontinued from 22 June 2016, Suffusion not available any more . It will not be updated and is no longer available in the WordPress directory. You can see it here at Librarians Matter and how it is being used at the Grove Library .

Grove screen

I just discovered this because I am moving one of my WordPress MU installations and needed to install the theme on my new server. Nope. Not there. Luckily I had a copy of the theme in every single other blog I have ever created, so I could upload one to the new site.

In the post about it, Sayontan, who has been maintaining and updating this for love and service, rather than money, explained that there were unfounded concerns about security of the plugin and that to make it comply would require a complete re-write, which he does not have time nor inclination to do.

This really is a situation where either the thousands and thousands of people who use Suffusion should persuade Sayontan to quit his day job and maintain the theme (heck, I would pay $50 or more a year to support a project like this)… or for a community to form around the plugin, do the rewrite and continue to maintain the update.

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  3 Responses to “Suffusion WordPress theme discontinued”

  1. Kathryn, I absolutely agree re: Suffusion. Incredibly useful and definitely deserving of some support from the huge community who use it. Have you had any other responses from libraries/unis etc. that are interested in either persuading Sayontan or taking up maintenance of the code? I note that suffusion is licenced under GPL so it seems like it should be doable…

    – Nicola.

  2. I just ran across this page while wandering the internet muttering to myself about the demise of suffusion… I posted the following on both a WP blog and the Suffusion page blog. I think as people discover this (as we did) there will be a groundswell. The question is, will the author pick it up again even with pay? It sounds like he is done. Here is my post for ref

    I found out about this (as I assume the vast majority of users will) by trying to DL the theme onto a new WP install, yikes!

    Although I a uber techy about many things (Tier III network architect for instance) but be advised I know just enough about coding, HTML, and CSS in general to be dangerous. I have however worked on large SW development teams so know some of the politics, fights, SQA, and bug selection that can go on.

    Points that jump out at me:

    1. IM(O)NSHO Suffusion has done a huge service to the furthering of WP, it is better than many (most?) paid frameworks, I simply CANNOT BELIEVE the work this man has put into this. It allows wannabes like me to soar and for free! To just pull it with a casual comment in a review blog post smacks of extreme naivete on the part of the reviewer, or a ulterior motive (note better than most paid apps), or ? At the very least out of respect for the incredible following this framework has some sort of person to person communication should have taken place. WP, you have done a dis-service to yourself here. There are two sides to every story. But at the very least the author should have been treated with a much greater level of respect. He is my hero, and I am not alone. I just do not get it, this framework has such a huge following. And, the man is probably exhausted! But really folks you should find a way to nurture him, he has done you much good.

    2. There is clearly a large enough install base and loyal fan club to allow monetization of Suffusion. If the author does happen to read this please consider and comment on your own WP.

    3. Last observation (I promise) is that is this not the ultimate fate of all single person labors of love (meaning unpaid and even quite a few that are)? Heavy ~sigh… it was glorious while it lasted, but exhaustion won in the end.

    In any case my hat is off to you, I am better having seen your work. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people in the world you have never met, will never here from, but think you are a pretty amazing guy.

    I was looking for a excuse to focus on Joomla anyway…

    Thank you

  3. Oh dear… Suffusion gone? Sayontan has been a hero for many years so I can hardly fault him for not wanting to work for free any longer. A huge thank you! But what am I going to do? I was so spoiled!

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