May 182017

Lovely, clever Peta has created an automated way to register for this year’s #blogjune .

Blog June started on library-focussed blogs in Australia as a way of kickstarting again what used to be wonderful, vibrant daily conversations. It is still happening and has spread beyond Australia and beyond Libraryland.

I will be giving it a go again this year … I think I have not managed to complete the challenge properly for quite a while… but I get a great deal of fun out of it. And get to read everyone else’s thoughts (the best bit). And practice my writing and thinking (which reminds me that I can do both …)

Please pop over to Peta’s blog and read how to register (by just tweeting the URL of your blog and the hashtag #registerblogjune ), Blogjune 2017 join the challenge.

If you do not blog now… start one. If you cannot start one, follow the #blogjune hashtag on Twitter. Comment. Retweet posts. Comment via Twitter. Or – just read and enjoy … or have the seed planted that … next year … next year … you will play …

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  1. Thanks for the how to register info

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