Jun 262017

I will admit it. I’ve had coffee with Mylee Joseph.

If you were at the New Librarians Symposium 8 where she keynoted last Saturday, then you will know that an occupational hazard of this is … collaboration! 🙂

I was totally chuffed back in March when Mylee asked me via Twitter whether I had “any hot tips you’d like to share with newbie library types?” Given that Mylee is smart and kind and perfectly capable of filling a keynote with gems, it was lovely that she was asking me and a couple of others for input.

I had two tips.

Here is the first. Second tomorrow.

If you have a career break to rear children, do not stress that you will somehow not have the correct skills when you re-join the workforce. The profession always needs thoughtful and tactful people with sound disciplinary knowledge about how to acquire, organise, preserve and retrieve information and tailor services to their community’s need. Do not beat yourself up because you are not reading trade literature or learning the latest tech while you are immersed in so much other non-professional learning. If you were in the swing of things once, if the profession is your passion, that will return in time.

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  1. […] I mentioned in my post from yesterday, the very nice Mylee Joseph asked me whether I had any “hot tips you’d like to share […]

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