Jun 302017

… and nothing stopping me from saying it here after #blogjune has finished … but I suspect that I will pipe down a bit for a while.

I still haven’t responded to Paul’s discussion of Content as Experience … in which I would argue that if libraries are looking at “competition” or what is a similar experience to our book-lending service, then we have to compare it to other cultural-consumption experiences, rather than considering it mainly as physical stock-movement. “We give it to them for free” shows misunderstanding of the costs of access to get to the physical …

And I wanted to ask whether everyone thought that “Kindness as a motivator for library work” was a limp and wishy-washy navel-gazing potential PhD topic. (Explanation: something techie would go stale in the 6 years it would take me to finish part-time, and actually when I think about what I really care about, what I am passionate about, it probably is kindness…).

And to compliment Ruth on her quiet and discreet (yes, it is you I am talking about…) efforts to give encouraging comments on almost every post I visited on other people’s #blogjune posts.

And mention how much I enjoy Andrew’s thoughts about ..well, everything. And snail’s reviews of films AND snails. And that Con’s post today is almost the same as what I would have written, except she did it first. And then feel like I have missed out on several people who did mighty jobs and made interesting posts who I DID read, but just did not mention here…who are from the next generation of up and coming library communicators, and reassure me that the on-going conversation is in good hands.

Or to ponder why, with the best intentions, I think I am unlikely to be able to keep up a “post once a week” for a year challenge …. even though #blogjune is really equal to over half of the effort involved.


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  1. I am hoping over the weekend to start commenting on all those posts I’ve been trying to get to 🙂 My first weekend at home in over as month.

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