Jul 022017

Okay, so we seem to have started A Thing here…

Moral: Be careful about the throwaway comments you make on Twitter.

The way Con tells it, it was me. She enabled. So did snail and Kate and Andrew and  Sally

Anyhow, it looks like a bunch of us are committing to blogging once a week, publishing some time on Monday.This timeline lets us write a post any time we are moved to, but then just schedule it to go out on Monday.

Hashtag is yet to be determined.  I have used RSS feed readers to keep up with #blogjune in the past,  first Google Reader, then on its demise I used feedly . In the last couple of years, though, I just added a column to my Tweetdeck app and displayed any post for the #blogjune hashtag. (I started writing here about how to set up your blog to post automatically to Twitter, but realised that THIS is better kept as my Monday post topic).

For this way of updating to work for me (and, of course, this is all about things working for ME 🙂 ) I think we need something unique to the project. I just looked at the Twitter feeds for #libblogweekly and for #glamblog . The first hashtag has a tweet from me and one from Con. The second had some of our discussion, some really nice and useful posts to other GLAM-sector blogs… and a couple of lovely tips about glitter eyeshadow, super poses I could strike while modelling winter wear and how to win a free prom dress… If it is OK with everyone, I would like to go with #libblogweekly 🙂

(Edit before posting:  because I can never just settle on ONE thing,

What about instead …

#glamblogweekly ?? 

I’m tagging THIS post with #blogjune so people who were #blogjune-ing in the same way I did can find this and jump to #glamblogweekly or whatever hashtag we use ?

The discipline and structure of needing to publish daily was a huge advantage to #blogjune. Don’t think too hard, but just hard enough. Don’t wait until the perfect topic or way of saying has been achieved (often a big block with blogging I think), but get something out. I like the idea of weekly posts. I am guessing that there will be some “OMG, it’s Sunday night, what will I write for tomorrow” posts, but we’ll see.

I’m in.



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