Jul 102017

When people suggested the weekly #glamblogweekly posts, I wrote a very long post as my first one, which I have ended up chopping into a few posts. So, here’s my question for this week…

What I would love to see from others who are #glamblogweekly-ing (if you need to get the “what will I blog about” juices flowing 🙂 ) is a post outlining the things that they think they actually DO blog about, or want to blog about. What kind of blog has yours turned out to be? Is that what you would like it to be about, or would you like to write about other things too?

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The thing I loved about reading the blogs that have been playing #blogjune in the last few years is the absolute width of interests shown. From librarian-style, to knitting, to what it’s like NOT being in a library any more, lots of professional tips, disciplinary conversations, film talk, casual flim-flam.

When I first started blogging, it took me about 6 months before I settled on a byline for the blog because I really did not know what I blogged about. Over the years, however, several themes have (probably to my surprise) very clearly emerged. One of the recent series seems to be “hints for university students about how to do better”.. not where I would have predicted I would be 🙂 So ….

This blog has turned out to be about:

  • Librarianship – what the discipline means, what we do, how we can do it better
  • Technologies used by librarians – hardware and software, with a bit of a focus on picking up what is lying around the garden and using it, rather than about expensive, purpose-built disciplinary tools
  • Initially about family life and managing work and family. Less now. My circumstances changed and my kids are older, so I am less comfortable sharing that aspect of my life.
  • Posts aimed at people just starting in the profession, including their care and maintenance 🙂 What should we be teaching? How do we promote a vibrant, caring, ethical profession that is well-resourced and continues to be useful?
  • Interesting projects and ideas from others in the profession
  • Sometimes my cat, in the past. I now have two new ones, just as freaky and inclined to snuggle inside people’s jumpers, so maybe more about them?
  • Events and activities I go to that are relevant to librarianship (conferences, courses, seminars … I seem to attend quite a few).
  • A few – gosh, that’s INTERESTING! posts, that are rather eclectic. (Recipes, attending non-library events, information policy, current affairs)

I am pretty happy with this mix. There is a lot more to me than appears in this blog, but having this focus on librarianship allows me to be quite targeted when I post. Makes it easier to know what to write, and I am comfy that people who read regularly are interested in the topic too.

So – over to others. When you started blogging, was it with a purpose to write a particular kind of post? Did you end up doing that? Have you been surprised at all by the mix of topics you ended up with?

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  1. I’ll blog later though I’ve touched on this theme before. When I started blogging, they were called weblogs 🙂

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