Jul 012016

I petered out on #blogjune 2016 a bit toward the end.

Two good reasons. My work style involves intensive all-nighters (into all-dayers) when I have something to achieve… and I enjoyed my time in South Africa so much that I got off the fence I had been sitting on since January and decided to travel to the UK in July for the CILIP conference and the Radical Librarians Collective meeting in Brighton, plus take some annual leave either side. Right now I am in a haze of caffeine and sugar fuelled online writing as I try to get everything wrapped up before I jet out on Tuesday.


Like Con, I have enjoyed writing again for #blogjune so much that I am convinced that I will keep it up, especially when I have something interesting and relevant to report on like the events in Brighton.Right? Right???  Instead of a conference dinner we are all getting fish and chips and a chance to ride for free the attractions on the end of the Brighton Pier (which I coincidentally visited this time last year) …

2015-07-19 20.30.26

I have been reading my feedly feed daily and really, really enjoying hearing the big and small news and thoughts of everyone. Reminds me that there are other points of view and of the interesting things I could be doing if I took the time to arrange something different, or even if I tried looking at the world with the perspective that others have – really what a community of bloggers should do. While it is easy to say “I should try looking at the world differently” actually walking in the shoes and mind of someone else – even briefly and even around something that they consider trivial or obvious, is such a bonus that blogjune brings each year. My imagination cannot stretch to have such empathy that I can imagine another point of view so accurately (which is not a failure on my part but really logical, because if I could stretch that far, then I would actually be seeing from my point of view…).

Just a few random bits that I really enjoyed (although I have enjoyed so many posts that I don’t want people not mentioned to think I did not appreciate or read their efforts. I did. Just that my Lindt-chocolate/Large-latte/I’ve-been-on-a-work-bender-for-two-days brain at the moment is filtering in random, not comprehensive, ideas)…

Big, big props to Peta for her effort to comment on so many blog posts. Keeping the conversation going, engaging and encouraging is so, so important. If I have one wrist-slap for myself it is that I did not take the time to comment when I knew how wonderful it is for a blogger to receive comments in these Days of Twitter. Maybe next #blogjune we should have a signup for commenters as well as bloggers? I’d be all for putting my efforts into encouraging and engaging with others (especially those brave, brave newbies sticking their toes in the water), instead of committing to posting.

Two blogs that I shoulda woulda commented on were Tony’s posts about his travels and Andrew’s intelligent and very generous sharing of his experience and reflection. Both were travelling to some of my favourite spots and I wanted to say “oh please check out THIS place, it is fab” ..but didn’t. Andrew in particular epitomises generosity and thoughtfulness in his posts – I always enjoy reading about his inspiring career path and his reflections on the experience. His posts are well written, avoid the boring bits and I always feel like I have learned something. Tony’s trip really did trace the path and places that I would choose, but then I was totally flabbergasted when he posted yesterday about visiting one of my favourite places on Earth on the way home, Tiger Balm Gardens. Really, truly…. here are my images Tiger Balm Gardens from my set of 60 photos when I travelled there in 2008, including a set of the Ten Courts of Hell. ( And check out what happens in the afterlife if you deface books.)

Kate-In-Canberra and Rachel-In-Queensland were two bloggers whose consistent and gentle voices I love to listen to. I think that they could write about how they prepare themselves weetbix or tie their shoelaces and could make it interesting for me. I love the wide-ranging subject matter they choose and the way they generously engage with the rest of the #blogjune bloggers. I enjoyed hearing life snippets again from Kate-In-Queensland, snail and Fiona … as well as continuing to engage with what Kim has to share, although she sets a great example to the rest of us and actually shares outside of June too…

The one blog that made the most impression on me, and has for the last couple of #blogjunes, was Elizabeth‘s articulate, confronting and ultimately very compassionate posts about her journey as a young archivist living with end stage cancer. I feel privileged that she shares what she does, how she does. It sounds a little trite and somehow too small to say that I wish her the absolute best that there can be on the rest of her journey and thank her with great gratitude for her blogging, but I do.

I now have a truckload of work to do before the weekend. I’m a little buoyed up again by the thought of taking my skates in my suitcase and doing some outdoor skating, although maybe not a hill like this from last year again…



Although some time in the next month or so, all things going well, I will be putting on my red shorts and getting out there in the UK and skating away…



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